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Improve the management of water projects by relying on us as a Main Instrument Vendor (MIV)

Main Instrument Vendor (MIV)

Reduce project complexity, save time and costs with our extensive instrument and services portfolio

Main Instrument Vendor (MIV) partnering can support in the challenge of water industry project finalization on time and on budget. While measurement instrumentation may only be a small part of the overall project, it is essential for the long-lasting success of any plant. Choosing the right instruments helps to ensure water safety and efficient processes. Partnering with a Main Instrument Vendor like Endress+Hauser can make the selection and implementation process significantly easier.

How we can help

As a leading Main Instrument Vendor (MIV), Endress+Hauser offers complete instrumentation solutions from FEED (Front End Engineering Design) to operation and all related services, bringing significant efficiencies throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Broad product offering for limited variances, reduced complexity of implementation and minimized costs

  • Comprehensive service portfolio for partnership throughout the project lifecycle and beyond

  • Experienced project managers for optimal project design and execution


Comprehensive sourcing

Involving multiple instrument suppliers can add complexity to a project, increasing coordination efforts and introducing greater potential for errors and delays, risking deadlines and budgets.

Comprehensive sourcing
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With Endress+Hauser as your MIV, a comprehensive project deliverable will be provided from a single and professional source.

  • Reduce complexity and time needed on project coordination

  • All relevant instrumentation from measurement transmitters to gauges sourced from one supplier

  • Accessories and related services can be selected as appropriate

Flexible partnering

Our dedicated engineers support you especially during the project planning phase by integrating and coordinating multiple partners consequently reducing complexity of your projects.

Flexible partnering
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Our dedicated, specialist teams will interface with your team, and closely partner with you from project inception for optimal project delivery and ongoing support.

  • Integration of E+H teams early in the project lifecycle for detailed requirements planning

  • Experts in engineering and commissioning assist to define the optimal solution

  • Adapt your technical solution plans upstream to reduce hidden costs and risks

Ongoing support

Complexity of maintenance, repair and operation can be increased when multiple partners have been involved in the project.

Ongoing support
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Having partnered with you throughout your project and supported in comprehensive solution design and implementation, our specialist teams are best placed to continue to support you beyond project completion.

  • Comprehensive service portfolio optimizing maintenance costs

  • Complete project documentation for effective intervention

  • Rely on Endress+Hauser for timely and efficient resolution of issues

Our approach to project management

Traditional approach of project management ©Endress+Hauser

Traditional approach of project management with multiple suppliers is inherently complex.

Partnering with us as project partner helps ensure consistency and avoids ambiguities. ©Endress+Hauser

Partnering with us as your professional project partner helps ensure consistency and avoids ambiguities even with 3rd party products involved.

We package our instrumentation and services in different combinations. ©Endress+Hauser

As a Main Instrument Vendor (MIV) we are able to fulfill your specific project requirements by packaging our instrumentation and services in different combinations.


Using Endress+Hauser as a MIV for your water industry projects will result not only in a smoother project execution but will also reduce costs during the whole lifecycle of your plant. And you can rely on the profound industry and application knowledge of our experts in combination with their project management know-how to make sure that you meet your deadlines and stay within your budget.

  • 4 weeks

    of project timeline saved

    using our electronic data exchange, considering 800 devices to order, compared to the traditional way.

  • 80%

    of time saved

    for creation of engineering documents including e.g. CAD drawings when using our engineering tool considering 800 devices to define, compared to the traditional way.

  • 25,000

    US$ saved

    on spare parts when partnering with us as a MIV considering an instruments project value of 700,000 US$.

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