Digital total chlorine sensor
Memosens CCS120D

Memosens CCS120D: Digital total chlorine sensor ©Endress+Hauser
Memosens CCS120D digital total chlorine sensor installed in CCA250 flow assembly ©Endress+Hauser
Memosens CCS120D total chlorine sensor installed in CYA112 immersion assembly ©Endress+Hauser

Memosens converts the measured value to a digital signal and transfers it to the transmitter without a contacting connection. This video shows how Memosens optimizes process control and maintenance.

Memosens disinfection sensor for wastewater and process water

Total chlorine is the mixture of free and bound chlorine components and thus a good indicator of residual disinfectants in discharge water. CCS120D provides reliable monitoring of total chlorine limits in the outlet. It reduces your maintenance effort due to easy replacement of electrolyte and membrane cap. Thanks to Memosens digital technology, CCS120D combines maximum process and data integrity. It resists corrosion and moisture, enables lab calibration, and facilitates predictive maintenance.

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  • Előnyök

    • Easy handling thanks to Memosens digital technology

    • Enables predictive maintenance due to storage of sensor and process-specific data

    • Low maintenance thanks to fast exchange of membrane cap and electrolyte

    • Flexible installation in CYA112 immersion...

  • Alkalmazási terület

    Memosens CCS120D measures total chlorine in:

    • Wastewater treatment plants

      - Disinfection monitoring and control in wastewater outlet

      - Reuse of outlet water

    • Utilities of all industries

      - All disinfection measuring points

Tulajdonságok és jellemzők



  • Mérési elv

    Total Chlorine

  • Application

    Wastewater treatment plants, disinfection monitoring and control in wastewater outlet, reuse of outlet water, utilities of all industries, all disinfection measuring points

  • Characteristic

    Amperometric measurement of total chlorine

  • Measurement range

    0.1 to 10 mg/l total chlorine

  • Measuring method

    Total chlorine consists of free chlorine (HOCl, OCl-) and bound chlorine (chloramines)

    All components are reduced at the working electrode
    Almost pH independent

  • Design

    Closed, membrane covered measuring cell

  • Material

    Sensor shaft: PVC
    Membrane: PTE
    Membrane cap: PPE

  • Dimension

    Diameter: 25 mm (0.98 inch)
    Length: 148 mm (5.83 inch)

  • Process temperature

    5 to 45 °C
    (41 to 113 °F)

  • Process pressure

    1 to 4 bar (14.5 to 58 psi)

  • Temperature sensor

    10k NTC integrated (Memosens)

  • Connection

    Inductive, digital connection head with Memosens

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