Safe and reliable steel production

Improve the safety of your steel production with our dedicated measurement and software offering

High temperatures, molten metal and heavy loads - steel production puts a lot of stress on both man and machine. So it is only natural that safety and availability are one of the top priorities for steel plant managers. Not only to prevent potentially deadly accidents from happening but also to make sure that production in a extremely competitive landscape never stops. For that you need robust measurement equipment that provides reliable data as well as smart control solutions.


Comply with functional safety standards IEC/EN 61508 (process hazard categorization known as SIL - Safety Integrity Level) and IEC/EN 61511 (process safety using instrumentation known as Safety Instrumented Systems) in accordance with EN 13849 with process experts who guide you every step of the way in selecting the best-fit, industry-optimized instrumentation, service and solution package from our complete portfolio based on more than 60 years of experience.

  • Safe monitoring of critical cooling water circuits

  • Wireless solutions providing more information about your process

  • Comprehensive tools and solutions for plant asset management

Find out how you can improve plant safety and availability

Steel process ©Endress+Hauser
Leakage detection system in a converter ©Endress+Hauser
Leakage detection system ©Endress+Hauser


Safe and reliable steel production

Safe, robust and precise water leakage monitoring

Malfunctions in water circuits can be very dangerous to both equipment and personnel. Regardless of the cooling circuit type, principles for leaking detection are as follows: the inlet and outlet flow rates of a cooling circuit are measured by means of suitable flow meters, either electromagnetic or ultrasonic. The inlet and outlet temperatures are also acquired from sensors mounted in close proximity to the flow meters. Our system uses separate temperature sensors to achieve maximum accuracy.

Wireless monitoring

Wireless oil temperature monitoring at bearings

Roll neck bearings are used in the rolling stand and are located on the operating side of the upper and lower back-up rolls. An oil circuit ensures the bearings get the lubrication they need. An increase in the temperature differential indicates a higher degree of friction within which may result in damage. Our solution ensures that any impending damage to the friction bearings is detected by measuring the lubricant temperature. Maintenance intervention is initiated in a predictive manner.

Field network engineering from A-Z.

Take a step towards Industry 4.0

Digital fieldbus networks connect field instruments to the control and maintenance systems. In combination with smart sensors featuring Heartbeat technology this enables instrument verification, advanced process diagnostics and condition monitoring functions which permit managers to proactively plan maintenance procedures and ensure availability.

  • Complete project management including assembling, cabling and engineering of the system

  • Smart sensors with diagnostic functions

  • Web-based tools for easy access to information about the installed devices and automatic device documentation (W@M portal)

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Safety and plant availability are sensitive topics that demand a partner that you can trust, who is not interested in short-term profits but in developing sustainable relationships. Look no further, because Endress+Hauser for more than 60 years has been a reliable partner to steel companies in over 100 countries. Our instruments and solutions - all designed along industry-specific requirements - are relied upon all over the world.

  • 200,000+

    temperature sensors installed in safety critical steel production processes worldwide.

  • 55,000

    smart sensors integrated in 65 digital optimization projects.

  • 2.6 mil.

    field instruments delivered to mineral&metals operations since 2007 alone.