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Microwave barrier emitter
Soliwave FQR56

Soliwave FQR56 ©Endress+Hauser

Emitter for non-contact point level detection in bulk solids

The Soliwave FQR56 microwave barrier uses a contact-free procedure for detection of point levels. It can be installed in containers, conduits, shafts or on free fall shafts. It is possible to take a measurement through non-metallic container materials from the outside. Suitable as point level switch for controlling and counting all types of bulk solids. It interacts with the Soliwave FDR56 receiver.

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  • Előnyök

    • Highly reliable measurement due to flush-mounted installation and possible non-contact installation as well as indication of the signal strength on the receiver

    • Mechanical robust solution ensures cost savings over the whole life cycle of the product: No...

  • Alkalmazási terület

    Typical bulk solids are: Wood chips, wood dust or flour; plaster, cement, ash, paper or cardboard shred, gravel, sand, dried powders in general, bags and boxes.

    • Process connections: Threads

    • Ambient temperature: -40 to +70°C (-40 to +158°F)

    • Measuring...

Tulajdonságok és jellemzők



  • Mérési elv

    Microwave barrier

  • Characteristic / Application


    Non-contact point level detection and flow monitoring

    Detecting, counting and positioning of objects

    Monitoring of material transfer points

    Detection and analysis of deposits and contamination


    Non-contact installation (transmission window) or front-flush installation (contact)

  • Specialities

    Measurement range: max. 100 m

  • Supply / Communication

    85 ... 253VAC

    20 ... 30 VDC/ 20 ... 60 VAC

  • Ambient temperature

    -40 °C...+70 °C

    (-40 °F...+158 °F)

  • Process temperature

    Non-contact installation: any

    Within installation:

    -40 °C...+70 °C (-40 °F...+158 °F)

    With HT-Adapter:

    up to +450 °C (+842 °F)

  • Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit

    Non-contact installation: any

    Within installation:

    0.5 bar...6.8 bar (7.2 psi...99 psi) abs.

    With HD-Adapter:

    up to +21 bar (+305 psi) abs.

  • Min. density of medium

    Solid weight: > 10 g/l

  • Main wetted parts

    Non-contact installation:
    no wetted parts

    Within installation:

    316Ti or Aluminium;

    PTFE or Ceramic

  • Process connection

    1-1/2" R, 1-1/2" G, 1-1/2" NPT

  • Process connection hygienic

    Non-contact installation

  • Certificates / Approvals


  • Design approvals


  • Options

    Sight glass

    High temperature adapter

    High pressure adapter

    Installation bracket

    FAR50, FAR51, FAR52, FAR53, FAR54, FAR55

  • Components

    Transceiver: FDR56

  • Application limits

    Solid weight: < 10 g/l

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