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Chemical plant polymerization

Outdated technology & mechanical measurement

Modernizing outdated technology in your chemical process helps prevent unplanned shutdowns

When mechanical measurement technologies are outdated, time and costs for maintaining them can soar quickly. In addition, imperfections of old instruments can lead to unexpected production shutdowns resulting in financial losses as well as a reduction of safety and reliability. Investing in new technologies not only puts you a step ahead in modernization but also results in an optimized and smooth process meeting chemical market demands.


US dollars lost

stopping your olefin process, when using outdated mechanical measurement technology, according to industry experts

Chemical plant olefin process


We help obtain your targets, such as attaining peak performance with reduced operational costs no matter which process or application. With our technologies we provide you with accurate data and reduced maintenance efforts, resulting in reduced downtime during calibration and proof testing. Our global service and sales forces are located in your region and ensure that you get the complete support needed, from choosing the right sensor through to maintenance concepts. We offer you:

  • Safe in-process cleaning and calibration as well as self-diagnostics and effortless proof testing with integrated Heartbeat technology

  • Advanced diagnostics for unplanned shut down prevention

  • Mobile data availability directly in the field with RFID tags for fast access to asset information

  • Unified platforms in transmitters which support your reliable centered maintenance approach

  • Best-fit instruments with intrinsic safety & high accuracy providing reliable data and safety to the process

What you can do

Click through these process maps and learn in how you can reduce maintenance costs!

  • process map of batch reactor chemical industry ©Endress+Hauser

    With modern technologies you keep your polymerization reactor under control.

  • process map of ethylene prodcution ©Endress+Hauser

    Modernizing your ethylene production ensures a smooth process with reliable data to enhance productivity and to prevent unplanned shutdowns.

  • process map of olefin quenching tower ©Endress+Hauser

    A reliable pH measurement on regular intervals of quenching water requires cleaning of the sensor at least every other day, which takes up a great deal of effort in terms of time and people.

  • process map of fractionation in olefin process ©Endress+Hauser

    Decreased process control creates unreliable fractionation - for example remote control cannot be done with outdated technology for level measurement.

Processes and applications

Strengthen technology leadership for optimized performance

Attaining peak performance in your process with reduced operational costs can be crucial for your daily business. Along with that your goal is to achieve pure product quality according to your customer’s demand. Reliable and accurate data is essential for reaching this goal. Replacing outdated mechanical measurement technology puts you ahead. We are trusted experts by your side.

Chemical plant polymerization stirring vessel - crystallization affects your output line

Fighting the challenges of high viscosity of polymers

Viscosity is an important fluid property and a crucial parameter in your polymerization process control. As a variable, you can use it for monitoring your product quality. When using old devices with outdated technology, a high frequency of filter cleaning is needed to prevent your device from getting clogged and shutting down production. Replacing mechanical measurement with a Coriolis Promass I flowmeter you benefit from:

  • No filter required – this saves you not only cost and time in maintenance but also assures a safe and smooth process

  • In-line multivariable measurement of flow, density, temperature & viscosity covered with only one measuring point helps you optimize product quality

  • Low pressure drop thanks to straight single-tube design

Replacement by PromassI in polymerization helps to prevent crystallization & safes maintenance costs

Outstanding lifetime with automated pH measurement

In Olefin quenching pH measurement of the contaminated quench water on regular intervals can go a long way in helping you prevent fouling in the bottom of the tower. This requires cleaning of the sensor at least every other day, which takes up a great deal of effort in terms of time and people. If you do not follow these cleaning intervals, the sensor needs to be replaced after two weeks. Our Liquiline CDC90 extends the lifetime of your sensor by more than 30 times.

  • Time savings - thanks to in-process cleaning and calibration with no electrode removal necessary

  • Efficiency - thanks to self-diagnostic systems like sensor conditioning checks

  • Safety for people and the process - thanks to no handling of contaminated water needed

pH measurement:our Liquiline automated system extends  lifetime of your sensor by more than 30 times

Prevent unplanned shutdowns of your Olefin fractionation

Maintenance and safety are your challenges as the application temperature rises. Using old magnetic level gauge devices in high temperature environments reduce safety and results in unreliable measurement. Additionally, if the temperature gets too high you will experience an unplanned shutdown. With our Levelflex guided wave radar we effectively help keep your fractionation under control.

  • Continuous & reliable level measurement based on the Time-of-flight principle in high temperature conditions

  • Use second unit connected to the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) to ensure safety function

  • No false trips which create the risk of a stuck device that would result in an unplanned shutdown

Chemical plant Olefin fractionation coloumn


With 60+ years of application know-how in chemical industries, we stand for a long-lasting relationship with our customers. With your benefits in mind we make sure you get the necessary support, from choosing the right sensor through to maintenance concepts. The basis for your success is our global service and sales forces located in your region and who are trusted experts by your side.


employees worldwide

up to € 130,000

cost saving per year in maintenance of your pH electrode, when using our Liquiline automated cleaning & calibration system, considering 10 measuring points in your plant


Coriolis flowmeters successfully installed