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Sample preparation
Stamoclean CAT221

Self-cleaning backflush filter for inlet or outlet sampling in wastewater treatment plants

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Stamoclean CAT221 provides filtrate for continuous online monitoring of municipal and industrial wastewater. Its self-cleaning crossflow filter avoids filter blocking, thus increasing your process safety. Thanks to a minimized dead volume, it reflects changes in your process promptly and shortens the response time of your downstream measuring devices. Stamoclean CAT221 comes pre-mounted to streamline installation and commissioning.


  • Reduced operating costs thanks to automatic and chemical-free cleaning

  • Efficient backflushing with compressed air or rinse water

  • Easy and fast replacement of filter elements

  • Short response time of downstream measuring devices thanks to low dead volume

  • User-defined cleaning intervals allow flexible adaption to different process conditions

Alkalmazási terület

Stamoclean CAT221 is a self-cleaning sample preparation for:

  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants:
    - Inlet sampling points
    - Outlet sampling points

  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants:
    - Inlet sampling points
    - Outlet sampling points

  • Process bypass installations

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