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Gateway for remote
monitoring and diagnosis
Fieldgate FXA520

Remote monitoring of connected HART / 4 to 20mA analog as well as digital field devices

  • Fieldgate FXA520 ©Endress+Hauser

Fieldgate FXA520 was developed for remote monitoring of field devices with HART or 4 to 20mA interface, regardless of location. GPRS technology is used for wireless communication via the worldwide GSM mobile communications network. In addition, Fieldgate FXA520 can be used as a HART/Ethernet gateway in local networks. Fieldgate FXA520 contains an integrated web server offering data logging and alarm management functions.


  • Remote diagnosis and remote parameterization of connected HART field devices (CommDTM)

  • Simple configuration of Fieldgate, easy visualization of measured values via its integrated web server

  • Monitoring of HART / 4 to 20mA field devices regardless of location with XML data transfer allows simple processing of the measured data

  • Supporting communication interfaces Ethernet as well as GSM/GPRS

  • Intrinsically safe version EEx ia IIC for applications in hazardous areas, applicable in 4 to 20mA SIL2 loops (IEC 61508)

  • Visualization of up to four HART measured values per device

  • Optional enhancement of inputs (4 to 20mA or digital) via input module FXZ520 (max. 28 measurement inputs)

Alkalmazási terület

For remote monitoring of connected HART / 4 to 20mA analog, as well as digital field devices, optionally via Ethernet TCP/IP or mobile communications (GSM/GPRS).

  • Measured values can be viewed with a standard Internet browser

  • Remote diagnosis and remote parameterization of connected HART field devices

  • For applications in which remote measuring points have to be sporadically analyzed

  • Configurable monitoring of limit values with alarm signaling via E-Mail or SMS

  • Two HART and two 4 to 20mA inputs

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