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for remote monitoring
Fieldgate FXA320

Remote monitoring of connected 4 to 20mA as well as digital field devices

  • Fieldgate FXA320 ©Endress+Hauser

Fieldgate FXA320 was developed for remote monitoring of field devices with analog or digital interface. GPRS technology is used for wireless communication via the worldwide GSM mobile communications network. Fieldgate FXA320 contains an integrated web server offering data logging and alarm management functions. Typical applications are remote monitoring of level and pressure devices in tanks and silos.


  • Simple configuration of Fieldgate, easy visualization of measured values via its integrated web server

  • Point level monitoring with alarming by E-Mail or SMS

  • Supporting communication interfaces GSM/GPRS as well as Ethernet

  • Monitoring of field devices regardless of location with XML data transfer allows for simple processing of the measured data

  • High security through encryption during data transmission to an Endress+Hauser server

  • Optional power supply for field devices

  • Configuration of measuring and transmission cycles

Alkalmazási terület

For remote monitoring of connected 4 to 20mA as well as digital field devices, optionally via Ethernet TCP/IP or mobile communications (GSM/GPRS). Measured values can be viewed with a standard Internet browser. For all applications in which remote measuring points have to be sporadically analyzed.

  • Configurable monitoring of point levels with alarm signaling via E-Mail or SMS

  • Two 4 to 20mA input channels, one relay output and optionally four digital input channels

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