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Advantages of phosphate-load based precipitation control

Automatic dosing of flocculants for phosphate elimination

The implementation of an automatic dosing of the flocculants allows you to follow the strict limits for phosphate in the outlet at any time. Even better, you will save a lot of money, reduce the amount of chemicals being used and produce less sludge.

Meet the official outlet limit

Liquiline control system for phosphate measurement. ©Endress+Hauser

The inlet of a wastewater treatment plant can vary significantly due to industrial high load wastewater. The manual dosing of flocculants is often difficult to control. As a result, a continuous over dosage may occur to avoid the violation of limits. The customer is guaranteed the ability to control the outlet limit of phosphate and, at the same time, manage the costs of chemicals efficiently.

The value for you

  • Keeping the official outlet limit of Phosphate at any time

  • Optimizing your wastewater treatment plant’s safety

  • Managing chemical costs efficiently

  • Reducing sludge production

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