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Turnkey steam monitoring solution saves costs

Optimize energy efficiency for greater sustainability

The sustainable approach starts with a general overview and an independent energy analysis on site. The goal is to identify potential energy savings in the plant such as steam. The optimization is followed typically with an elevation of quick-wins like the elimination of leakages added with a specification of the potential and technical feasibility including process analysis and target concept with the aim of realizing the savings potential for increasing the efficiency.

Value for you

  • One competent supplier for initial measurement design, project design with supporting
    technical documentation, delivery and installation of the equipment

  • One competent supplier for commissioning, training and project management

  • Cost savings by identifying losses in transport of steam more accurately, monitoring consolidated data on steam output, transport and consumption

Benefits of the measuring points

  • Robust devices Prowirl 72F vortex flowmeter plus TR15 temperature sensor and Cerabar PMP51 pressure transmitter with syphon and shut-off valves

  • Energy application managers EngyCal RS33 including cabinets, cables and system components

  • Data acquisition and visualization: P View software, OPC server and workstation PC

How to monitor your steam consumption more accurately

In this particular case, the energy plant department needs to monitor the steam production and consumption in real-time with meaningful data readily available centrally. The solution is a turnkey steam monitoring system integrated into the company’s existing energy monitoring system. Following requirements have to be fulfilled: Providing instrumentation and energy application manager, data acquisition and visualization.

  • Steam-pipes on metal plant ArcelorMittal Zenica ©ArcelorMittal Zenica



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