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Predictive measurement prevents downtime in rolling mills

Monitoring at bearings optimizes plant availability

Successful management of machinery lubrication is vital for efficient plant operation. Lubricants are introduced to reduce friction between surfaces in direct contact, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surface moves.

Increase your equipment lifetime

Bearings for iron and steel works operate under various harsh conditions, including high temperatures and high speed operation. To stay as efficient and profitable as possible, the highest potential availability of the equipment is required even under harsh environments, such as high temperatures and heavy loads.

Predictive measuring saves costs

Every company wants to make sure its processes are running at optimum levels. Incidents which cause a system to shut down may not only lead to costly repairs but result in considerable losses. While preventive measures reduce the risk of an outage, in many cases, they are not the ideal solution. Predictive measures, on the other hand, are more effective.

The value for you

  • One supplier for all liquid, gas and steam measuring points

  • Wireless solutions provide more information about your process and reduces your costs

  • Local and competent sales and service support

Morgoil® friction bearings


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