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Improve energy efficiency in your clinker process

Consistently creating the perfect clinker recipe

Clinker manufacturing is an energy intensive activity and choosing fuels, the right blend of hot gases and optimum burner control affects both the environmental impact and the economics of the process. Total energy cost can represent 65-75% of the variable costs in the process. For effective process control in the clinker production process, optimized measurement packages are essential.

Kiln burner control and fuel oil dosing package

  • Coriolis meters optimize the burner by regulating the mass flow of oil to the burner and provide the oil heating system with online temperature and viscosity measurements

  • Memograph S boiler and burner monitoring station with stand-alone optimization software

  • Boiler level and temperature instrumentation

  • Clinker burner flame pressure and temperature instrumentation

Clinker cooler package

  • Flow meters for air cooling

  • High temperature radar level sensors for clinker bed height monitoring to regulate cooler grate speed and air volumes

  • Online clinker density and lime-free measurement

  • Non-intrusive blockage sensors for material collection silos under the clinker cooler grate

  • Non-invasive mass flow measurement sensor system for clinker screw or belt feeders

  • Temperature sensors and transmitters for tertiary gas pipes

The value for you

  • Solution packages for energy monitoring and management

  • Precise measurement and control of raw ingredients passing through the cyclone preheater

  • Air cleaning of cyclones initiated by accurate monitoring of buildup and blockage

  • Precise kiln burner regulation and optimized fuels mix controls for storage, blending and dosing

  • Accurate online measurement to optimize the clinker cooler

  • On average, our temperature thermocouples last 10 times longer than regular sensors

Cyclone preheater control pack

  • Raw materials feed gas flow rate monitors

  • High-accuracy, thermal, shock-resistant sensors for cyclone chamber pressure control

  • Latest in high-tech, abrasion-proof alloy thermocouples with vibration-resistant electronics for long-life temperature monitoring

  • Non-invasive cyclone buildup and blockage detectors

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