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Maintain expertise

Rely on a knowledgeable partner that supports you from conceptual design to commissioning services

With the worldwide demand for energy rising, the industry has seen a steady decline in the numbers of new recruits. Until recently, you could manage the situation. However, over the last decade you have noticed a risk of serious shortages in engineers and technically-skilled employees. The increasing global demand and the large number of the industry’s workforce rapidly approaching retirement are large contributors to this. Such shortages are felt at all professional levels.

A team of experts for your newly built and retrofit projects

Whether operating domestically or internationally, you are looking for a reliable partner for your power plant industry and/or thermal waste treatment. As a power plant operator, plant builder, package supplier, main equipment supplier, or an EPC, you want to increase productivity and performance and we can help you. Our scope of supply:

  • Project Management

  • Engineering (including installation)

  • Instrument Delivery

  • Installation/Verification

  • Commissioning

  • Documentation

  • Training


  • Approval of seasoned power plants concerning technical and safety standards

  • Technical adjustments for necessary standards

  • Adjustments of parts in a power plant for new operational needs (Heat value, steam supply etc.)

Power improvement, process optimization

  • Proposal for modernization concepts

  • Optimization of throttle valves and flow reduction devices for power improvement

  • Analyzing figures and optimizing parameters

Maintenance and inspection

  • Maintenance and weakness analysis

  • Proposal for maintenance and inspection plans

  • Preventive inspection and maintenance

Maintenance optimization

  • Maintenance consulting/Installed Base Audit (IBA)

  • Collecting technical data in power plants Improvement proposal of a solution concept

  • Definition of well-balanced maintenance plan for field instrumentation




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  • Hitachi Power Europe GmbH (HPE), a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., designs and constructs fossil-fired power plants. The plant constructor also supplies key components such as utility steam generators, environmental engineering equipment, turbines and pulverizers. Including subsidiaries, approx. 2000 staff is on the company's payroll (as of May 2013).

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