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Water/ steam circuit: vacuum and density issues

Takes little steam to carry a large amount of energy; takes little water to damage the turbine

Major benefits of using steam as a heat transfer medium are that it is nontoxic, nonflammable, the equipment used for that is inexpensive and requires little maintenance. Nevertheless, you may experience system safety issues, early equipment failures, poor steam system efficiency, frequent boiler shutdowns from low-water level, damaged steam pipes and valves due to water hammer, vibration, corrosion, erosion, reduced capacity of steam heaters, and overloaded steam traps.

Your water/ steam circuit challenges

The many parts of the water/ steam circuit in your power plant can present challenges. First, you need to ensure safe operation of the circuit, monitor levels in vessels, control the flow volumes in water steam lines and measure the over-pressure and temperature in all parts of the plant. Second, you need to do this the easiest way possible.

Making the operation of your water/ steam circuit efficient

We offer complete bypasses solutions that:

  • Optimize your life-cycle costs

  • Reduce planning and procurement time

  • Minimize loading and mounting costs

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Are compliant with safety standards (PED)

  • Are more reliable and less expensive than dp-level and displacer (float) level transmitter (float)

  • Are without moving parts Are compliant with EN12952-11/12953-9 for high level and low level limit




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  • Hitachi Power Europe GmbH (HPE), a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., designs and constructs fossil-fired power plants. The plant constructor also supplies key components such as utility steam generators, environmental engineering equipment, turbines and pulverizers. Including subsidiaries, approx. 2000 staff is on the company's payroll (as of May 2013).

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