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Reliable level measurement in the water/ steam circuit

Choose for a cost-conscious engineering

The feed-water and condensate circuit is the heart of each steam turbine driven power plant. The level measurement, which is key to steam quantity and turbine control, must be highly reliable and consistently available. Several traditional and innovative solutions are available to you to bring you safer operation of the circuit.

How does it work

After the steam has been condensed in the hotwell, pumps convey the feed water through subsequent low pressure, high pressure and super heaters. Then the feed water is vaporized to saturated steam under high pressure and temperature, for example 110 bar_a (1595.4 psi_a)/ 318.1°C (604.5°F). Passing through several levels of super heater, the steam is then supplied to the turbine to drive the generator.

Choose the right technology for your specific circumstances

  • Differential pressure: subject to liquid density variations

  • Displacers/ float: high maintenance needed; work well with clean liquids and are accurate and adaptable but subject to changes in product density

  • Ultrasonic/ sonic: no contact with the process material but return signal can be affected by heavy vapors e.g. max 3 bar, surface turbulence, foam

  • Guided wave radar: non-contact technology producing highly accurate and continuous measurement with the option of generating point level readings

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