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Temperature profiling in process furnace

Obtaining accurate temperature readings in a high-temperature application is difficult

Furnaces are indispensable components in refinery production processes because the process medium must be heated before it is transferred to a distillation column. Here the liquid medium is pumped through a pipe bundle which is installed in a furnace fitted with burners. The measurement guarantees process efficiency and monitors deposits within the pipes. On distillation columns, displacers or floats are often used for level measurement, but with limitations.

Choosing the right material, design and connection

  • Choosing the right material will have an effect on the thermometer's life-span, and thus the reliability of the temperature measurement.

  • Choosing the best-fit thermometer will define the movements of the heat exchanger pipes and the optimal positioning in the furnace.

  • Choosing the right connection will influence the precision of the measurement which can be significantly influenced by corrosion, in combination with open flames and/or radiation.

Process furnace - measuring points


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