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Desulfurization, prevent channeling & hotspots in hydrofiner

Get the most accurate three-dimensional temperature profile to help remove sulfur

Due to environmental regulations, the sulfur content in mineral oil products has to be limited, and this can only be achieved by catalytic desulfurization in a Hydrofiner. At 300-400 °C (572-752°F) and 2.5 to 6 MPa (362-870 psi) the product mixed with hydrogen reacts with the catalyst and the sulfur molecular connection is then converted to H2S and hydrogen carbides. How do you handle temperature monitoring at the different catalyst layers when you have limited connections on the Hydrofiner?

Prevent channeling and hotspots with 3D profile

Proven in use in many applications around the world, the multipoint temperature assembly contains, 15 individual thermocouples mounted in an individual nozzle. Your vessel requires only a minimum number of nozzles and openings to provide enough temperature measuring points for 3D monitoring. With the use of the Octoplus, the multiple thermocouples can even be retracted and changed during vessel operation, avoiding an unplanned shut down.

Increased efficiency, reliability and safety

  • Only one process connection

  • Up to 50 temperature points can be monitored

  • Suitable for all flat-bed reactors in refineries, petrochemical plants and chemical plants; for example, in HDS reactors for the desulfurization of diesel or fuel oil

  • Multipoint “tentacles” can be positioned within the reactor

  • Fully engineered solution for your needs

  • Support during installation helps you to save time and provides you with valuable experience

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