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Extend production availability in the distillation column

Eliminate issues related to traditional capillary systems that are slowing you down

The distillation column is used to split crude into its natural components. Getting an accurate and reliable measurement at this stage is challenging. Varying ambient temperatures often jeopardize measurement reliability, and the mechanical and thermal impacts destroy the capillaries every 4 to 6 months. This results in unreliable process control and a loss of production days due to downtime for maintenance work.

Eliminate issues related to traditional capillary systems

By replacing traditional capillary systems with the new Electronic dP principle, you can increase production capacity by days and realize cost savings of several thousand dollars.

Main benefits

  • Greater process availability and reliability by eliminating temperature effects in measurement

  • Lowest total cost of ownership due to reduced installation time, maintenance and spare part requirements

  • Increased production output due to improved process control

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