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CIP process efficiency

Reduce product loss and energy costs associated with the cleaning process, and ensure CIP efficiency

Many food processors still operate Clean in Place systems with little instrumentation, relying on a purely timing-based process and manual verification. Long cleaning cycles extend downtime while wasting energy and cleaning agents. Fully automated CIP systems help you follow changing process conditions. Installing inline instrumentation gives you real-time monitoring and control and is fully traceable. This allows quick access to process data such as concentration, temperature and phase shift.

Greater efficiency with Endress+Hauser's inline instruments

Whether achieving maximum scrubbing effect, measuring phase separation, or determining when one cycle ends and the next should begin - we offer a complete basket of 3-A, FDA and EHEDG approved flow, level, temperature, pressure and analytical instrumentation designed to ensure cleanability. Measure all the critical parameters in your CIP process such as percent concentration, temperature, velocity, leakage detection, tank level, interface detection or suspended solids.

We understand your challenges in demanding CIP applications

You must account for the amount of water, chemical and energy usage to detect waste and reduce losses. You need documented proof of your process to conform to audit safe quality recommendations following ISA88/EN 61512 batching control standards.

Full line of hygienic, sanitary measurement solutions

  • We offer a complete basket of hygienic measurement solutions designed and manufactured specifically for the food & beverage industry.

  • Hygienic materials: Using GRAS materials listed in CFR21 part 175 through 186 and according to EN1935/2004

  • Hygienic design: 3-A and EHEDG ensuring cleanability for our products

  • Hygienic process conditions: Our instruments are available with process connections to meet your industry requirements




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