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Milk heating and pasteurization

Ensure high product quality with low operational costs

Appropriate milk heating is of the utmost importance for dairy production, milk product safety and customer health. Insufficient milk heating can lead to painful consequences with legal authorities if heating time is not exact.
However, overheating will lead to reduced product quality and high energy costs. Using Endress+Hauser technology helps you avoid these consequences.

Milk heating control on-the-spot

Heat treatment is mainly controlled by two sensor technologies:

  • Temperature for the heat control

  • Flow to ensure that the impact time is long enough

A temperature sensor ensures the minimum safety temperature level is reached. However, a fast sensor ensures that unnecessary heat does not spoil product quality or drive energy costs higher. The flow sensor PromagH100 ensures not only the holding time, but with its integrated conductivity measurement, it also allows on-the-spot phase shift operations.

International Food Standards

All local legal requirements, but also international quality standards like IFS (International Featured Standard), BRC (British Retailer Consortium) or ISO 22000 have clear definitions regarding the accurate heating results that must be reached. To ensure regulations are met, sensors must be fast, reliable, and be calibrated on a regular basis. Smart technologies support not only the operation, but also the necessary calibration procedures.

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