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Flow measurement in milk heating

Accurate flow sensors ensure the right amount of heat is applied to achieve safe results

The electromagnetic flow-meter carries the main burden of flow measurement in dairy operations and plays a critical role in milk heating. The new Proline H100 sensor features integrated temperature and conductivity measurement which widens the scope of installation, while "Heartbeat" verification and diagnostic functions ease maintenance and extend calibration intervals.

Promag H 100, the standard sensor for heating system control

The Promag H sensor with its well-known and groundbreaking hygienic design, has been developed to provide customers with the best available tool for heat exchanger control. The sensor body is slimmer, the transmitter housing is more compact and the sensor features new functions. Integrated conductivity measurement supports phase shift and cleaning operations, and temperature detection in the sensor improves not only the conductivity signal, but also the accuracy of the volumetric flow signal.

High accuracy milk balancing

Transferring milk from one department to the next often results in a change of the temperature. This temperature change prevents standard sensors from recognizing volume changes that can occur during the transfer. The Promag H 100 includes temperature compensation which enables the highest level of accuracy in volumetric measurement. Because the temperature driven change of volume is compensated for already inside the sensor, milk loss is not a concern.

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