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Boost your polymerization process’ efficiency & productivity

With up-to-date technologies you keep your polymerization reactor under control

The global demand for plastics and polymers is experiencing strong competition. As a producer of resin, you face increasing pressures for cost reductions in production and more stringent quality requirements. However, product quality in the polymerization process is a much more complex issue. Since the end-use properties of the produced polymers are directly linked with the molecular characteristics of the polymer chains.

Modernizing ensures reliable data for smooth polymerization

It is ever more important in these days to keep your plant’s technology up to date and modernize your process. We can help you with:

  • Support from our service- & sales force from choosing the correct replacement needed for your process to defining a maintenance concept

  • Unified platforms in transmitters which support your reliable centered maintenance approach.

  • Best-fit instruments with intrinsic safety & high accuracy providing reliable data and safety to the process.


  • Boost your polymerzation process’ efficiency & productivity with up to date technologies ©shutterstock



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