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Attain peak performance in your ethylene production

Boost your plants productivity with up-to-date technologies

The global output of ethylene is an estimated 150 million metric tons annually and growing substantially. More than half of the total production of ethylene is used for the production of polyethylene. This means it is used for production under extreme conditions like high temperature or with usage of corrosive and hazardous substances. These are challenging tasks in your daily business which keep you busy while you are living up to the demands of your market.

This means you are reducing operational expenditure, enhancing productivity and preventing unplanned shutdowns, all at the same time.

Modernizing ensures a smooth process with reliable data

We help you choose the right technology for a smooth process and low maintenance effort by increasing your productivity with:

  • High availability due to a much longer lifetime of the measuring device

  • Reduced maintenance and cost efforts by moving from analog to digital sensor

  • High safety for the process and your people thanks to an automated cleaning system


  • Learn how we can help you boost your ethylene plants productivity with up to date technologies. ©shutterstock



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